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It’s safe to say that spreadsheets, planning and logistics aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea.

Emma and her team happen to be some of those rare individuals that love making sure every detail is covered and absolutely nothing is left to chance!

We have learned from years behind the scenes in hospitality that it’s the carefully considered co-ordination in the time before an event, combined with an ability to think on your feet, that guarantees a stress-free day.

If the thought of planning a wedding or organisation just isn’t your thing (hey, everyone is different), we hoping this will be music to your ears, because we would love to help you combat the stresses and pressures of planning a wedding can bring. We will be your proverbial duck in water…super calm on the surface but efficiently working away below!

We want you to feel the stress leave you from the moment we meet. Because we understand how overwhelming it can get, especially if you already have a hectic life.

Our clients can ask us anything, no matter how big or small and they are assured we will take on the task and go above any beyond their expectations.​


The reason behind Events by Emma

“Ever since I studied catering and hospitality, I was always drawn to the “buzz” from a wedding.

Whenever there was a wedding at the hotel I worked at, there was always excitement, laughter and a great atmosphere.

 I believes every couple should actually enjoy planning their wedding (instead of loathing it).  I have come across so many couples who are mentally exhausted from wedding planning, when it should be one of the most exciting times in your life.

One of my favourite parts of wedding planning is helping couples plan their celebration so it is unique to them, and reflect who they are and what is important to them.



A few facts about Emma:-

I originally studied catering and hospitality at college in Merseyside, then moved to Leicestershire to work in a 4 star country house hotel;

I have been with my Heating Engineer Husband (Jason) for 11 years and married for 3 years;

We have a little Patterdale Terrier named Tuco (Jason is a BIG spaghetti western fan);

I love spending time with my family and friends;

I enjoy cycling, skiing, horse riding, films and traveling to new places; and

My little pleasures are a large glass (or bottle!) of Malbec, Jason’s homemade pasta and chocolate (not necessarily in that order!)

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